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Season Three
FameLab USA

Regional Heats:

July 29, 2014 Troy, NY
RPI @ AbGradCon 2014

December 14-15, San Francisco, CA
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 

April 16-17, Stony Brook, NY
Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science (Stony Brook University)

May 30th, Phoenix, AZ

TBD, Online via YouTube

TBD, Chicago, IL

AbSciCon 2015


TBD, Spring 2016


Season Two
FameLab: Exploring Earth and Beyond

Regional Heats:

December 7, 2012 San Francisco, CA
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

March 17-20, 2013 Houston, TX
44th Lunar and Planetary
Science Conference

April 4, 2013 Honolulu, HI
Society for American Archaeology
78th Annual Meeting

Summer 2013: ONLINE
via YouTube

December 8, 2013 San Francisco, CA
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

February 21-22, 2014 St. Louis, MO
Washington University


April 5, 2014 Washington, DC
National Geographic Headquarters


Season One
FameLab Astrobiology

Regional Heats:

January 13, Houston, TX
Lunar and Planetary Institute

February 10, Denver, CO
Denver Museum of Nature and

March 9, Washington, DC
NASA HQ/National Geographic

January--March: ONLINE
via YouTube


April 12-16, Atlanta, GA
Astrobiology Science Conference