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Production Guidelines:

Your video should:

  • be up to three minutes long (content after this time limit will not be judged);

  • be recorded in one continuous shot and have no editing or special effects;

  • have no other people or excessive props;

  • not contain any background music; and

  • not contain any title pages with your name or affiliation.

Do not speak your affiliation during recording.

Recording quality will not be assessed.

Top 5 Tips for Quality Video:

  • Use a Horizontal Image: Be sure your camera is set-up to film a horizontal/landscape image. If you film vertically, your video will have black rectangles on each side when uploaded to YouTube.

  • Steady Shots: Use a tripod or table, whatever you have handy. Avoid handheld shots.

  • Quality Audio: Find a quiet place, and if available use a microphone. If you are using the camera‚Äôs built-in microphone, speak a little louder than normal and speak towards the camera.

  • Lighting: Stand in a well-lit area and be sure your face can be seen clearly. Avoid backlight (for example standing in front of a window or strong light) since your face will be in shadow.

  • Plain Backgrounds: Avoid distracting backgrounds; try to film against a plain background (i.e. a blank wall).

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Uploading Your Video to YouTube:


Trimming a Video in Youtube:

Your video must be one continuous shot with no editing or special effects. However, you can trim your video so that it starts when your presentation begins and ends when your presentation ends. Trimming is an option in Youtube:

  • After your video is uploaded, select "Video Manager" from the menu options in the upper right hand corner of the Youtube interface.

  • Click on "Edit"

  • Click on "Enhancements"

  • Click on "Trim" (a button directly below your video).

  • Move the Trim bars, play to preview, and then click on "Done" when finished.

Submitting Your Video to FameLab:

When you have finalized your video on YouTube, email the url to